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Cero Metros Cuadradoshas a technical team that offers integral engineering services, civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, product design and projects execution management. In this way, we comply with the level of complexity and professionalism demandedby standards ofthe present. We coordinate viable solutions and future maintenance, always thinking in optimizing time, reducing costs, improving the quality and efficiency of energy and eliminating the modifications or mistakes during construction.

Through our team of civil, mechanics and industrial engineers, we do any type of calculation using the finite element method.

  • Plastic calculation of metallic elements such as aluminum and steel.
  • Calculation and analysis of elements of reinforced concrete stresses
  • Calculation and simulations of wind tunnel (CFD fluid dynamics)
  • Calculation and simulation of reservoirs of liquids (fluid dynamics).
  • Design of special components

(brackets, silos as well asparts and components of mechanical assemblies)


In this field the following services stand out:

  • Calculation of prefabricated and metallic industrial buildings
  • Calculation of metallic radial or rounded frames
  • Careful monitoring of execution process
  • Pergolas for parking
  • Metallic structures spatial lattices (3D)
  • Calculation of screwed unions (aluminium, stainless steel)

Although solidity studies ofsomestructures such as edification, industrial buildings and spatial structures are within civil engineering-as well as mechanical and industrial engineering, our team has decided to include thisstudy in a different section since it includes several engineering and architecture areas.

CERO METROSCUADRADOS has been offering thesetypes of services for more than 8 years, especially in the implantation of photovoltaic solar panels on existing structures that have been built in different countries at different times with different regulations. In this section, the following services stand out:

  • Solidity reports by visual inspection and survey in field
  • Solidity reports based on justification by structural calculation and based on official regulations
  • Solidity reports through structural calculations and study of loads transmitted by the added systems

In this section, the following services stand out:

  • Roadsand Highways (in detail studies, layoutprojects and construction projects)
  • Road and rail bridges
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Parking lotsand garages
  • Earth retaining walls (gabion walls, gravity walls,and screen walls)
  • Sliding stability
  • Drawersof concrete
  • Fluid reservoir
  • Pipelines
  • Topographic Surveys

CERO METROS CUADRADOS team formed byspecialistsin design, calculation and verification of structures in seismic areas. Structures such as buildings, bridges, fluid reservoir andmetallic structures. Calculation and design with conventional and systems of seismic isolation.

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