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CERO METROS CUADRADOS is an engineering and consultancy company with more than 15 years of activity and more than 1,000 projects carried out in the fields of civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energies, product design, aluminium machining and coordination in the execution of projects.

We provide knowledge in the processes from the initial phase, and we work with a clear objective: to provide innovative and efficient solutions in the execution of investment projects for companies in any industrial sector, both nationally and internationally.

Engineering and consultancy
Innovative and efficient solutions
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Professionals in Spain, Chile and Argentina
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About us

The philosophy of CERO METROS CUADRADOS is to be a leading company, at national and international level, in engineering, architecture and consultancy services, specialising in the integrated management of projects in the industrial sector, with strong leadership in the field of renewable energies, structural calculations, mechanics of materials and simulations using the finite element method.
Our main values are excellence and being a team of multidisciplinary professionals with a vocation for customer service. To act with efficiency, rigour and honesty, transmitting confidence, professionalism and providing value in our areas of action.

Efficiency, rigour and honesty

Our main goal is to accompany our clients at all times in all phases of their projects, from the initial idea to the total execution of their investments, providing technical rigour and professionalism in all our actions.

Technical rigour and professionalism in all our actions

We are a team of engineers (civil, mechanical, industrial and civil engineering), architects, BIM modellers, designers and CNC machining specialists, who work together to add value to the service we are asked to provide. Our approach is highly collaborative and our multidisciplinary team is made up of more than 20 professionals spread across three offices in Spain, Chile and Argentina and two aluminium machining factories in Spain and Argentina. Our team achieves the perfect balance of experience and technical capacity, which gives the company an enormous dynamism.