Photovoltaic services

At Cero Metros Cuadrados we have a technical team with which we offer engineering services for photovoltaic solar energy projects, especially in areas related to structural engineering, load testing, pull-out tests, construction management and design of construction systems for such projects.

Robustness studies

Although the study of the solidity of existing structures (buildings, industrial buildings, special structures, etc.) falls within the branch of civil, mechanical and industrial engineering, it has been decided to put it as a separate section, because it includes several areas of engineering and architecture, and because in Cero Metros Cuadrados we have been performing this type of services for more than eight years, especially for the implementation of photovoltaic solar panels on existing structures that have been built at different times, with different regulations and also in different countries.

The following services are highlighted in this section:

  • Soundness reports by visual inspection and on-site survey.
  • Soundness reports by means of justification by structural calculation and on the basis of the regulations in force.
  • Robustness reports by means of structural calculations and study of loads transmitted by the added systems.

Pull-out tests

From our engineering department, we design protocols for the execution of driving pile extraction tests for photovoltaic projects in the field. We also provide technical assistance and prepare certification reports.

Design of photovoltaic panel support structures

Our engineering department designs all types of photovoltaic panel support systems (aluminium, steel, PVC, etc.), based on the load requirements of the roofs where the panels will be installed. All taking into account Spanish, European and international regulations.

We have qualified engineers in different countries, in order to accredit these calculations and reports.

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