Aluminium machining

At Cero Metros Cuadrados we have equipment for the machining of aluminium profiles and components by numerical control (CNC), metal stamping presses, numerical control cutting centres, machinery for marking components and profiles and other equipment for the treatment of aluminium elements.

As specialists in the machining of aluminium profiles, our results are adapted to the quality required by our customers, ranging from high-precision machining to machining for structures with wider tolerances.

Machining of aluminium profiles

Aluminium profile machining is a manufacturing process that consists of shaping and creating precise parts using aluminium profiles as raw material. Aluminium profiles are extruded shapes that can have different geometries, such as bars, tubes, angles, channels, among others. This type of machining is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aeronautics, construction and electronics.

The process of machining aluminium profiles generally involves the following stages:

  • Design and planning: The component to be manufactured is designed, taking into account the customer’s specifications and requirements. The machining process is then planned, selecting the right tools and machines for the job.
  • Cutting: Aluminium profiles are cut to length using techniques such as saw cutting, laser cutting or waterjet cutting.
  • Machining: At this stage, profiles are shaped using techniques such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other machining processes. These machining processes enable the precise shape and dimensions required to be obtained.
  • Finishing: After machining, a finishing process is carried out which may include polishing, sanding or anodising to improve the appearance and protect the surface of the aluminium profile.

High precision machining

High-precision machining is a set of techniques and processes used to manufacture components with extremely tight tolerances and very precise dimensions. This type of machining is essential in industries where precision and quality are critical, such as aerospace, medical, optics, watchmaking and electronics.

The high-precision machining process is more rigorous and requires a special approach at every stage of the process:

  • Planning and design: Careful planning is carried out and a detailed design of the component to be manufactured is created, taking into account the required tolerances and precise specifications.
  • Selection of tools and machines: High-precision machining machines such as CNC lathes, machining centres and grinding machines are used, which enable controlled movements to be carried out with exceptional precision.
  • Machining: The machining process is carried out using high-precision tools and machines to perform operations such as turning, milling, grinding and wire erosion, among others.
  • Quality control: Throughout the machining process, continuous quality checks are carried out to ensure that the components conform to the specified tolerances and meet the required quality standards.
  • Finishing: As in the machining of aluminium profiles, a finishing process is carried out to improve the appearance and final characteristics of the component.

Design and validation of components and profiles

Through our mechanical engineering department and industrial designers, we plan and design components and profiles (aluminium, plastics, resins, steel, etc.) to meet the needs of our customers.

Each design goes through different stages:

  • Conceptual design.
  • Constructive geometric design.
  • Stress and load validation.
  • Design phase of manufacturing and series production.
  • Packaging

Quality control and delivery management

Through our quality department, the different product quality controls are carried out. These controls follow the ISO standards and standards required by the client (national and international).

Through our logistics department, we manage the delivery of materials in the most efficient and committed way with the needs of our customers. We have a database of logistics and international transport companies, which allows us to provide an efficient service at reduced costs.

In addition, we have our own transport deliveries, which allows us to cover areas close to our warehouses.

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